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20 year old benjamin from south manchester / cheshire looking for a good friend



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Jan 4, 2010
20 year old benjamin from south manchester / cheshire looking for a good friend

Hey all

My name is benjamin dixon, and im 20 years old. I live in south manchester/cheshire and have been clinically depressed now for around two years.
Being depressed has cost me everything, my girlfriend, i had to drop out of uni, and i just generally dont feel good most of the time.

im very new to this sort of thing and i dont really know how i am going to sound so ill just be out with it.... i was sort of hoping i might find someone to talk to on one of these forums, local to me or not (i live in wilmslow)

i just thought it might be really good for me and possibly you (depending on your circumstances) as we could lend support to each other and ive found tht talking my problems over with someone does me alot of good and furthermore talking to someone who understands my pain and depression wud help even further for both of us
. i guess this probably looks pretty weird and or creepy if i was the person reading it on the other side but im just looking for a lifelong friend who can help me and help themsleves in return
if you live local we cud possibly meet up even

i wouldnt generally do this but ne1 hu feels trying this out, pls dnt b afraid to drop a txt, my number is ...********

it wud b nice to hear from someone and possibly allow a friendship to start so we cud help each other

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