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1st post hope u can help



New member
Nov 12, 2009
this is my first time posting anything on the internet and im little bit skeptical but im hoping theres people on here like me. Im just gonna write a liitle bout my life story and please if you have any comments, share em thats why im here.

For years i've been dealing with social anxiety and im just tired of it. Its just controlling my life and i dont know what to do about. Ive gotten to point in my life that the only people that are close to me are some family and they are even getting sick of me. When i was in my earlier teens i had a lot of friends i could count on, people enjoyed being around me. i was pretty much the life of the party. As soon as a started caring what other people thought about me and letting the anxiety take over- iv just become a mess. I cant go anywhere without getting paranoid that people are looking at me funny or talking bout me. when i try to meet new people its really hard because while im trying to hold a conversation with them im thinking about what they think of me the whole time. I hope this makes sense. Im not too good at just throwing it all out there. i mean i have a lot of other problems but i just dont know how to talk about them. i hate whining lol


Hi all mixedup88 and :welcome: to the forum.

I hope you find it as supportive and friendly as I have. :)

I can relate to what you say, I have had similar experiences and occassionally still do. For me I had to learn not to care what other people think to that degree and accept myself for who I am. I am not 100% there, I probably won't ever be, but I can do it to a degree where generally my life is tolerable and at times enjoyable.

Learning a skill called mindfulness really helps me with this. It helps me declutter my mind from those worry thoughts and just focus on the conversation i'm having and actively listening to others replies. There is alot about it on the web, and i know alot of members here find mindfulness helpful for a number of mental health difficulties.

Take care
Sapphire :)

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