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18 traumas and counting



New member
Jan 15, 2019
5 years ago I was diagnosed with complex PTSD. Complex meaning I not only have flashbacks but disassociate on a regular basis for a few hours at a time in which I have no idea what I do. Sometimes i come home with injuries that I can't explain. They have been known to last for up to 6hours and although I'd like to say that I am abstinent I have no idea what I have done in this period of time. I had an incident a few weeks ago where I was told I refused to come into the house and was scared of everything around me. It's got to the point where everyone around me doesn't want me around and I am really falling apart. I would really like to hear from people in the same situation. I have lots of skills but they don't always work.
Help Rory


Jun 18, 2018
Oh dear one I relate so much. I csnt offer advice but I’m here!