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1001 Tests Later



New member
Mar 5, 2015
Hey, I've never been formally diagnosed, (for a lot of reasons) so I don't know what category I fall in. I know many people might ask, 'what am I?' And expect a correct diagnosis, And it must get annoying, but I would like to hear just your opinion.
The reason I'm here is that I know I'm not like other people.
I have found I:
-Have many symptoms of ASPD (manipulative, low range of emotions, hatred of authority figures, bending/twisting rules to fit my own desires or goals)
- general dislike of being around people who I don't want anything from. Hence the username!
- Difficulty understanding why people get so emotional, for example the other day my friend was crying over a missed work opportunity. A reaction which to me, is alien.
- A long history of these traits, I didn't even like people when I was a baby/young child.
- I've been called, cold, unfeeling, cruel, sociopathic etc.
- Somewhat sense of grandiosity (or that could be down to the people I'm surrounded by making me look good.)
- I'm brilliant at masks, a mask for happy, sad, caring, empathetic, and especially a mask for charm. If I want someone to like me, for whatever reason, I can be exactly who they want.
- A score of 27 on Hare's psychopathy scale.

These are just the highlights, I know I must sound horrible, and maybe I am. But I am interested in what other people think in this case. If you've read all this, thanks.


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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
I'd say that without a good conversation with a trained professional and without knowing the context of these symptoms, it's really hard to say whether or not you have whichever illness you identify with.
The trouble with written tests that aren't conducted by someone who's trained is that you can very easily be labelled as something you're not.

Also, there may be a number of explanations for you behaviour - certain life experiences you've had, your childhood etc. - and so you can't really know for certain what's wrong. Or if indeed, anything is wrong.

I saw on your previous thread "New & Curious" that you've never seen a therapist.
Have you seen a psychiatrist or anything like that? I'm guessing you probably haven't..

I totally appreciate what you said about there being a horrible stigma attached to certain disorders and so I can understand your reluctance to see a professional. Why would you want to open up to someone only to risk them treating you badly?
But, ultimately, I do think that it's worth seeing if there is someone you can talk to.
It's really pot luck and there are some very unprofessional people around, but there are also compassionate therapists who won't judge you.
It's just a thought anyway.