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1 week on Pregabalin/Lyrica, how long does it take to work?



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Feb 18, 2019
West Sussex
I'm on 75mg at night time for anxiety and if anything my physical symptoms of anxiety are getting worse. Is this normal? I'm upping it to twice a week in a week. Thank you X


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Aug 1, 2014

As far as i understand, the Pregablin, one would have to be on this med, and it takes some time for this one to actually work. In terms of upping to twice a week in a week, and is it normal, I would have a word via your GP, or community mental health team, and they'll put you in the right direction.

Best wishes, and welcome aboard to MHF, I'm Natalie, and I am usually around for support, advice, and tips, surrounding mental health issues, not just that, also Recovery and Wellbeing sections of MHF.

Again, if you have any such concerns, please see your Doctor - today's Sunday, so tomorrow, I would phone up the surgery or clinic, for an appointment.

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