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‘Power’ Approach Gives Patients Stronger Voice in Their Treatment



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Mar 23, 2009
Written by Psychiatric news

Psychiatric providers often struggle to blend person-centered care with shared decision making in community clinic settings. “Power statements” is a new approach that may help patients communicate specific goals and participate in their treatment by writing simple, concise sentences, according to new research.
Psych News Alert: ‘Power’ Approach Gives Patients Stronger Voice in Their Treatment

This sounds interesting. Anything that increases a patient's input into his/her care must be good.


That is an interesting way to do it in the waiting room. I worked on something a few years ago helping psychiatric inpatients to write out a statement of their understanding of events, to go at the top of their notes. The idea was to get nurses or assistants doing it routinely, it related to a NICE guidelines, but I didn't get the impression they could fit it in or would be rewarded for doing so.

In this one the form sounds leading about the solution being medication, but I see one of the merged examples in the gray box a person has apparently changed it to ask for some other type of help. I see the lead author Pat Deegan was funded by the software company but I recall that name from recovery writings so I guess she's ok...