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    Thread: Library of motivations

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      Default Realisation

      Sunday morning once again
      And with the world I feel at one
      Radio two makes me feel spiritually alive
      Just sitting, listening and feel satisfied

      The older I get the more I realise
      That contentment is a state of mind
      Separating the what if's to the here and now
      Gives me a life context that I can realise

      The what if's still try to infiltrate and take over me
      But when challenged by the here and now
      Slink back into the background where they should be
      Now I've found a form of contentment where I can now see

      So that's why I can now listen to music and smile
      Listening to the presenters as through the programme they guide
      Making plans for the rest of the day
      Without contemplating what could make me cry

      The news when broadcast can temper my mood
      But awareness should not cloud my mind
      For I look at my own here and now
      And only work with problems that I can realise

      With yet again another try at peace of mind
      I no longer feel the need to succeed
      For its not a trying thing that I am doing
      As it's a realisation just to do what I can

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      Default Am I had or just sad

      It really is strange this mind of mind
      As it self indulges distorting what is happening all around
      It's like something is watching outside of me
      And laughing at the distress that it can see

      Another part of mind readily knows
      That this is actually a major flaw
      That holds me back and won't let go
      Until I'm tired and want to just hit the floor

      Knowing this should aid the fight
      To regain control of my mind
      But then a tease it plays on me
      Letting me think I've won this play

      No one can really understand
      This thing that is happening with my mind
      For I always seem to battle through
      Is this what I always have to do

      Other people whom I meet
      I get on with until the time is sweet
      Then my mind distorts the things that are said
      And my responses leaves them scratching their head

      Then to make it even worse
      I clam up and stay in my own universe
      You can see the looks of bewilderment on their face
      As I go away to stay in my own space

      Most people I know accept me for what I am
      A somewhat strange little old man
      Are friendly in a remote sort of way
      Knowing that I will never relinquish my own space

      Right now I tire of this
      And want to retire into my own abyss
      No longer wanting an interaction
      But that's a lie I need relationships

      My wife would be distraught if she read this now
      For she tries to be the friend my mind won't allow
      I refuse to let anyone get close to me
      I'm afraid of what they will actually see

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      Does it really matter, does anyone really care
      Companies going bust with the working man left to pay
      More will join the torment poor mental health brings
      Whilst the financially rich in life just seem carry on

      There are no easy or quick fixes
      Irrespective of what politicians preach
      For they are the core of the problems we face
      For are they not a part of the financially elite

      Labour, Conservative Liberal too
      Rarely fight for a life that is true
      Even the religious leaders rarely come to the fore
      What are they there for

      I used to work face to face with people with trouble
      But was taken over by the graduates telling me
      You can resolve just as well over the phone
      Then there is no reason to call at all

      So many calls I get each day
      Promises of help they crow
      Most are scams to relieve your wallet
      So people are left with no help and mentally going chronic

      This technological age has many benefits
      But no face to help you surf it
      Even citizens advice is hard to reach
      As they in my area have no face it seems

      Community action has to again come to the fore
      To help ourselves locally before we go down anymore
      I wish I could motivate myself to publicly speak out
      Instead of just letting my inner being shout

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      Default Relaxing

      More musical notes float around my head
      Andante to largo relaxingly I'm fed
      Meditation then comes to the fore
      Making me relax even more

      A march strikes up with a fortissimo force
      I awake with a shout and fortzando curse
      I retreat to a more suitable place
      Once again into a more relaxed state

      The twilight zone of the band comes through
      Their dulcet notes are for me a boon
      A gentle bass mimics my heart
      Whilst the cornets float making there noise

      Trombones sometimes add flavour too
      Unless they once again rasp out the blues
      When under the direction of a waving hand
      Makes a truly relaxing sound

      Collectively a Brass Band's range can be large
      When players accept what composers say
      Then a magic rips through the people there
      Tingling 'goose bumps' then appear

      These are the thoughts during a meditation time
      When I can feel those wonderful sounds
      Alas all good things come to an end
      As reality hits back too soon

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