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    Thread: Voices seem to be telepathic

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      Kerome, I sense that you are the kind of person who posts to change situations. In other words, you want to directly influence what people are going to read when they click on certain threads. I call this situations because it has to do with how replies to a thread are situated in a thread, like the weaving of a spider web. I sense you were a spider in a past life. What do you think?

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      Maybe a drunken spider with webs all askew, lol. I read threads as and when something catches my interest, and I reply when I feel I have something meaningful to add.

      Maybe that is what you notice... if other people have already said what I am thinking about a situation, I usually don't bother to type a "me too" post, whereas when I can add something new or a different perspective, then I do. Whether people do something with it is up to them. What I add is only my opinion, and it is written in the hope that people find it useful, that it helps them with their condition.
      One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.
      - Carl Gustav Jung

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