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    Thread: Panic Attacks and Fainting - Has anyone else fainted during a panic attack?

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      i had my first attack 5 weeks ago 4 times in a hour, the 4th time i was in the doctors surgery luckly, then he said it was a panic attack never had them before ever, i have had a few things on my mind lately bit by bit getting me down, a week before the attack the doc put me on anti depressants. A week after my first attacki had another one quite a bad one, and my head was really hurting, so i went to a&e, they kept me in for 4 days and did ECG chest x ray ( cause i hypoventalate) i went to ENT and put camera up my nose and said all was fine, blood tests which said i have high white blood cells, and CT scan and a scan of my sinusis, they said CT scan was fine but my sinusis are slightly swollen, so i went home, but since then i having more frequent attacks and more really bad head aches, i can not see how this is sinusitis i have no cold no sore throat etc etc, These attacks are completly random they happened twice while i was driving, so now i have been told not to drive for a while. In 5 weeks i probably had 15 bad attacks and 10 very mild ones.

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      Are you a nervous driver? How long have you driven for? May I ask your age? Which anti-depressants are you on? Sorry for all the questions. I will give some answers in my next post, but right now I am trying to get all the facts without being suggestive as to how you should answer.


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      hi,no that fine. no never been a nervous driver if anything i am quite the opposite lol, i am 31, got 3 kids, i am taking sertraline 50mg, i have driven for 6 years. oh i am constantly tired also

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      Ok.... Well first of all let me make it clear that I am not a doctor/expert. I am only 25 years old but I have suffered from panic attacks for 9 years so based on my experience I will tell you what I think is going on here.

      To me it sounds like the 'doctors' have decided to say you are having panic attacks because it is an easy diagnosis. Most doctors will not have suffered from panic attacks. It takes a certain type of person to become a doctor - generally one that doesn't suffer from panic attacks! Your symptoms, along with the symptoms of panic attacks are quite vague, and you are suffering with depression, so its easy to see why this 'diagnosis' might have been made by doctors, but to me, these don't sound like panic attacks.

      Why I don't think you are having panic attacks:

      A. Panic attacks are anxiety related. I asked you some general questions to try and tap into any severe anxiety you may be suffering from that could cause these attacks, but you say they come at any time, even when relaxing at home. The only reason you'd get a panic attack while relaxing at home would be if you were severley anxious about having another episode.... but this does not sound like the case.

      B. There are many symptoms associated with panic attacks - sweating, shaking, nausea, feeling faint... the list goes on. But head ache is not really common, and this seems to be your main symptom....

      C. A quick Google search for your anti-depressants reveals a lot of into about the side effects... Which include head aches and "Brain Shivers" as someone described them.

      Based on the information you have given me, and the timing, I would say that your symptoms are a side effect of your anti-depressants and not actually panic attacks. And if I can give you one single piece of advice... It would be to not get stuck on the idea that these are definately panic attacks because thats what I did, then the worry of having them again brought more on. I think you should go to your doctor and suggest that they put you on a new anti-depressant. Consider whether you really really need them at all, because anti-depressants are generally very powerful drugs that get you into bad cycles and dependency. You've coped well for 31 years!

      I did have more to say but I've had a few drinks tonight and I've forgotten! So get back to me and let me know what you think and we'll go from there. I am pretty sure these are not panic attacks though!!! Feel free to private message me too if you don't want to say everything on here. All the best,


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      Hi, my advice would be to consult your GP again.It is a policy of the forum that we do not make a dx.From the experience of other forum members we can only guess that you may be having panic attacks. You need to take advice from a healthcare professional, maybe seek out a second opinion.


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      can anyone tell me from there experience what actually happens when you have a panic attack so i can see if it the same as what happens to me thanks

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      Quote Originally Posted by rachel280478 View Post
      can anyone tell me from there experience what actually happens when you have a panic attack so i can see if it the same as what happens to me thanks
      Panic attack is a generalised term. People react in different ways. Some of the features that may be termed as panic attack also appear in other conditions too. My panic attacks have been few and far between, but have been generally severe.
      Try googling panic attack, perhaps that will help. One can panic from having a panic attack and it becomes a vicious circle.
      If you are having panic attacks which sound as severe as you descibe then it really needs investigating as it could stem from both a physical or mental health problem.

      Good luck, QF.

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      Everyone experiences different symptoms with panic attacks, but personally I start off feeling a bit anxious then it escalates. I get hot and sweaty, start shaking and breathing heavily, then the worst bit for me, I start feeling really sick. I feel very distant and 'numb' mentally and physically i.e. my hands and legs start to go numb but also my brain kind of goes numb and un-responsive - People can talk to me, I can hear them but it doesn't really go in or even make sense. Sometimes the numbness continues and I start to feel faint and I have actually fainted with panic attacks before. These symptoms continue until I get out of the situation that is causing them, although sometimes when then symptoms have been milder I have been able to fight through them and eventually they go when you become more comfortable in the situation. My panic attacks always occur when I am nervous about a specific event - interviews, tests, exams, etc. When I feel I am being judged or when I am not in control. The fact that you are having these 'attacks' when you are sat at home relaxing is the main reason that I am doubting that they are panic attacks. You don't actually seem to be panicing about antyhing. Or is there something you haven't told us about? QF makes a good point - "One can panic from having a panic attack and it becomes a vicious circle." For this reason its best not to convince yourself that these are panic attacks because when you worry about them happening, they will happen. Best to go to your docs, try a new anti-depressant, see if that helps. Explain your episodes to a doctor or psychologist/counsillor and see what they think. As you started getting these episodes 1 week after you started on your anti-depressants, that could have something to do with it. I only ever had anti-depressants once and they gave me a headache and I felt very distant after taking them. Good luck.

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      hi thanks for that, those feeling are exactly what i get, it cant be my anti depressants doing this because 4 days after taking them i had these attacks so the doctor told me to stop taking them, so i didnt take them for 3 weeks, and it still happened, then they put me on some new anti depressants 2 weeks ago, so it cant be them. I am worrying because everytime this happens or with the headaches etc i panic thinking i have a tumour or something, and it is really bugging me, so i think this could bring the attacks on, if it is panic attacks of course????? Both my ears have blocked up and my jaw and neck aches but my ears dont hurt, weird

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      Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread, its been really interesting reading through all the experiences and fantastic to know I am not the only one!

      I've fainted twice in the last week or so, last night again. The first time (John tells me) I landed on the table before I hit the floor, my chest hurt a lot the next day as I had winded myself on the way down.

      It hasnt been right since so I made an appointment for monday to see my GP. But lying in bed in pain last night it came to me...... its caused a pneumathorax! I had four or five pneumathorax's when in my late teens. Its a long time ago, so it took me a while to connect the feelings with the memory, but I am 99% sure.

      John has hand delivered a note to my GP with my suspicions. If I go to hospital all they do is give you bed rest for a partial collapse anyway, so I am staying at home and totally resting instead as its more comfortable, quieter and less germs.

      The last thing I need is some dose of flu or other nasty on top of this. If I rest it will heal (there is a tiny hole in my lung so it is leaking air into my chest cavity).

      It must be 25 years since I last had it. In a funny way I feel a lot better now I know what it is. I was worried the chest pain might be cardiac related. But the symptoms fit exactly including most importantly - a lot less painful breathing when sat up rather than laying down.

      So, fainting during a panic attack can be a bit hazardous. Its my dad, he has been upsetting me a lot recently and I got worked up and had the panic attack.

      I can cope with resting, I'll just pretend I am a cat and join the three gorgeous orientals on the sofa with my eiderdown. At least it wont be for long as it was in the summer when I broke my foot (again).

      So I am looking on the bright side )


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