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      Alright..ever since I ran into some documentary (don't ask, I stood up all night as a kid and I thought it was a movie or something) about jeff. dahmer. anyway it traumatized me, i couldnt sleep for about 6 days and I was 10 then, ever since, the sight of a nerd (as the stereotype portrays) frightens me. even if he were to take his glasses off i'd still be scared of him. the older they are, the more afraid I am of them. (a 9 year old kid I wouldn't be scared of, but above the age of 13, I'd be frightened for some reason) I also have many nightmares about them and sorry for having to use the word nerd because usually its the best word to describe the physical appearance and act of said person/people. i have this nerd who thinks he's my friend, and he comes up to me and cuddles me. i try to be polite but when he's hugging me for more than half a second i want to get out. i feel unsafe and it isn't just the jeffery dahmher documentary but the news too. also, the thing with james holmes hasn't helped my phobia either.

      I could literally name dozens amongst dozens of cases involving nerds which have reinforced my fear and their so called ''innocence'' only scares me further. i feel sick to my stomach whenever i see one walking around, just like seeing a spider, except this isn't with bugs. its also going to stop me from acheiving my dream career, which involves being around lots of nerds . i'd have a mental breakdown.

      any help for this? does anyone else share my same phobia and is there a name for it?

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      Um this almost exact post was posted by danica in 2010. What's up with that?

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      I forgot my pswrd and I had to make a new account this phobia's been going on since I was 10 years old a decade now.

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      I work in IT, and am what is considered a 'nerd'.

      I think this jeff dahmer was a serial killer. He was not a nerd, he was a sociopath.
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