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    Thread: The New Mental Health – A definition

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      Default The New Mental Health – A definition

      The New Mental Health – A definition

      Below is the full text of the speech that launched The New Mental Health given by Mark Brown to the Asia Pacific Conference on Mental Health in Perth Western Australia on June 14th 2012. It outlines the broad outline of The New Mental Health.

      The Emerging Generation: Moving Beyond Service User – Mark Brown

      When people talk about “mental health service users” I always want to ask “which services do you mean?”

      I’m a person with mental health difficulties who is not currently accessing any services, not for wont of trying. In fact, I actually deliver services like One in Four, the mental health magazine. Does that mean I’m not a mental health service user anymore?

      Due to the cumulative advances in treatment, support and the reduction of stigma, the current emerging generation of people with mental health difficulties, like myself, are more likely than previous generations to have a job, have kids, have interests, to have the things that we’d recognise as ‘having a life’ or at least able to have a shot at them. Having a mental health difficulty does not now mean that we are, as a matter of course, exiled to a strange and dark netherworld completely apart from the everyday world.

      Commonly, people complain of feeling a lack of ability to influence the treatment they receive, a lack of choice in service they receive for support and an overall feeling of getting to where they want to despite the support that they receive rather than because of it. In effect services often say ‘You can define your own recovery and you can hope and aspire to a better life than the one you currently have, but only if that looks like what we can provide.”

      The New Mental Health - A definition | The New Mental Health
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      i don't know what the young loonys of today experience but i wonder if it's not unrealistic building up hopes like i experienced

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