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    Thread: ESA Work related activity group and Support Group

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      Question ESA Work related activity group and Support Group

      Ok I find this so confusing? What is the difference between work related activity group and Support group? When do you get told which group you are? And also I have severe depression, anxiety and social anxiety and I can't go out on my own, i have problems controlling my behaviour and attitude and I hear voices. Which group do you think i'll be put in? My GP's exacts my condition to be better by late next year but bare in mind that keeps getting pushed further along as I keep experiencing problems.

      Also do i get extra money on top of my ESA depending on the group I'm in or is that just specific cases? Don't get me wrong i'm not looking to grab money left, right and centre but a tiny bit more would be a help with bills and things.
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      hi there, well if your placed in the WRAG group you get twenty five pounds a week more than jsa, if your in the support group you get thirty pounds a week extra.

      The support group gets well no extra support just left alone, but can see personal adviser if they wish so. On the WRAG group they get to see an adviser and help to see what sort of training courses and or jobs are out there, but you dont have to take any job on offer just make sure that you turn up for the interviews.
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      Hi emzangelwings, from what I gather the WRAG is suppose to support those that may be ready for work sometime in the future with support, whether it be help with training, re-training, funding and help finding a job.
      Though what I have found is you don't get any of that in reality, at my last appointment with the Job Centre Adviser I was told that there is no help, support or funding being given out to ESA WRAG claimants in my area (Brighton) and that they don't expect it to happen in the near future or before my claim goes from Contribution Based to Income Based (which I won't get due to GF working full time) in July this year.

      I am currently in the WRAG for Severe Depression, Anxiety and Agoraphobia but apparently that not even not being able to leave my flat everyday or alone isn't enough for me be placed in the support group, although since my last assessment for ESA last August my diagnose has been changed by a new PDOC who disagreed with all the other diagnoses made since the age of 14, and my original diagnose of Severe Depression has now been changed to Bi-polar Disorder with extreme Anxiety and Agoraphobia.

      I also find out that it was my last PDOC that didn't support my need for being placed in the support group so maybe with my new PDOC backing me and helping me loads he will also back my need to be placed into that group now I have another reassessment coming up, just got the forms yesterday so keeping my fingers crossed.

      So if you have got really supportive Doctors and they are willing to back you if you try and get into the support group then do it also probably a good idea to get someone from the CAB to help you fill in the forms too, you may have to appeal since from what I see some are just being placed in the WRAG due to the ease of it and not because they should actually be in that group.

      Good luck with what ever you try.

      PS. Also don't forget that if you are getting contribution based ESA WRAG you get a time limit of one year so you will lose out if you also have a full time working partner when moved to Income-Based WRAG ESA, doesn't affect Support Group.

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