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      I'm especially unhappy and have been for many, many years now.

      Due to circumstances, I only have one sole family member (who has mental health issues and I'm her primary carer). Although I do work part-time as well, there's never been any scope to be friends with anyone at my workplace.

      Due to the fact that I'm a painfully shy, nervous, sensitive and a socially anxious individual too, this compound matters, so unfortunately, I've never experienced any kind of social life whatsoever. I've never had one single, real-life friend in my whole lifetime. Despite the fact that I have a couple of supportive Facebook friends (who unfortunately don't live anywhere near me), they don't fully appreciate how all this is impacting on me, and my life.

      I don't particularly want to go down the route of doctors, psychiatrists or medications, because I know what's making me depressed. I feel that if I could make actual friends somehow and have something called 'a life', I wouldn't feel as unhappy as I do. I feel I would be much more of a confident individual and that in turn, would make me a less depressed and socially anxious person. However, it's all a vicious cycle - due to my caring responsibilities - and because I am such a socially anxious, shy and nervous individual, it makes for such a lonely life. I'm been trying to found out if there are any local depression and social anxiety groups but even this is proving difficult, as there doesn't seem to be anything available or suitable here in Nottingham. The fact that I have now reached the age I have (40), makes me realise that I have missed out on so many things, and this upsets me greatly.

      I don't entirely know what to do in order to get out of this impossible rut I'm in. Can anyone perhaps advise me of what other routes I could explore? Does anyone know of, or belong to, a depression or social anxiety group? Any help on this, would be also be appreciated. Thanks.
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      Hello ms471, Sorry to hear you feel so down. I too have had problems with feeling socially anxious, generally anxious and sensitive to people's comments and I wondered why so I started reading and I went on a counselling course and had counselling myself. I'm now more self aware and better able to deal with my thoughts and feelings. If you think it might help you could read my thoughts on my blog
      I truly hope you will feel better able to tackle things yourself soon. Take care

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