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      Everyone hates me, they always have. People keep talking about me. I'm different but don't know why. They say they are trying to sabotage me at work because i earn more than them. I never asked to earn wot i do it was the director that offered me the job.... i can't win - the directors think I'm not doing enough and other staff think i get paid too much so sabotage what i do. I'm so unhappy.

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      been there brownbean....sad place to be in.....keep posting how you feel....maybe some ideas on how to deal with that situation will come up...

      for me i just did my job and called people on what they were doing...eventually i left though...i did not feel it was worth working in a toxic environment...

      hopefully someone else will have suggestions for you....

      so sorry you are going through that...xx

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      I'm sorry that you feel like this Even after 28 years of being on this Earth, I still don't understand why people are so mean. Like Raina said, keep posting and you may get someone's words of wisdom that helps you.

      Sorry I can't offer you advice, but just wanted you to know that not everyone treats people like that. I hope everything works out for you xx

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      Hi BrownBean
      So sorry to he you are feeling this way so sorry ive only just read this!
      I feel the same as you i feel like everyone hates me is judging staring at me so i completly understand how you feel.
      Have you talked to your GP about this if not i suggest you go back and see if they can refer you to a talking therapy as that will help with the way you are thinking and feeling. go to them and see what they can suggest.
      Take care keep strong and keep talking

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