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      hi Rachy17
      Hope your ok. Im in 2 minds about returning to work I feel ready but in so worried about the reaction ill get when I do return. Ive had so many problems at home I feel guilty for even thinking about returning....

      I feel so lonely and confused with no one to turn to :-(

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      Hi Elleez,

      I feel exactly the same. Im due to go to the doctor on thursday which im dreading. I'm presuming he'll sign me back to work sunday or monday. I'm worried about whether ive even got a job or not and whether it'll mean cutting down my hours which i cannot afford. I havent spoken to anyone at work since i left last monday so i dont know how they are thinking.
      i can't go on anymore. I too feel lonely and depressed i just get the 3rd degree from my boyfriend all the time. Had enough.
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