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    Thread: A fat bulimic?

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      Default A fat bulimic?

      Every website I go on tells how bulimia can lead to you being so underweight and not eating in public. However I am only 17 so not eating in public is impossible, my mum knows that I am ill so has to help me sometimes when I am eating, but I do not have the tiny portions or leave food on the plate which most websites suggest. I also have not lost a lot of weight, if anything I have put weight on, so WHY do they not mention both sides of bulimia, I had to tell my friends about my illness, and somehow other people found out. They thought I was lying because there is no such thing as a FAT BULIMIC!

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      Hello im 16, i dont suffer from bulimia but i do suffer from anorexia. Alot of website indicate totally different things you need to watch which ones you look at the amount of things ive read of thinspiration or anorexia forums are ridicuoulous yet so believable. Are you saying your friends think your fat and thats why they dont believe you? Bulimics and anorexics come in so many different shapes and sizes your friends need to realize that and support you!! xx
      Thanks gemmaL gave thanks for this post.

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      I'm not sure where you got your information from, but most people with bullimia (in it's most common form) do not gain or lose much weight at all. Bullimia is bingeing, then purging. There is a condition known as bullimarexia (or something along those lines) where sufferers restrict as in anorexia, but purge as in bullimia. These sufferers lose weight because of their restriction.

      I think you've been looking in the wrong places for your information. Weight loss is not a defining characteristic of bullimia. Plus, no two people with a mental health problem are going to be the same. Your bullimia is going to be different to the bullimia your next door neighbour has. Minds are complex and individual.

      Hopefully things aren't too bad for you right now... EDs leave you feeling awful.. Good luck with everything. x

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      Bulimics are not characterised as underweight.
      Bulimics tend to be normal weight or even overweight.
      I had a massive arguement with my sister over this as she laughed at a girl on the jeremy kyle show who was overweight but bulimic and she didn't think that was possible.

      Once you have eaten food, it is absorbed and you will never ever purge 100% of the food you have eaten. Therefore it is not a restrictive diet.
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      I agree with rosebeauty. Bulimics are not underweight. You can be bulimic and still fat and you will never purge all your food

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