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      does anyone know what work related activity group is ? im on esa and have a letter saying i have to attend this if not i will have my money stopped thay are goin to send me a letter out with a date ect im worryd becouse i dont understand what it is and if there is goin to be a lot of people there its stressing me out

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      Hi, I don't have personal experience of what this involves, but there's a good article explaining it here on the site.

      The Work Related Activity Group

      If the DWP decide none of the ‘limited capability for work related activity’ descriptors apply to you, you will be placed in the work related activity group (WRAG).

      You will be expected to attend 6 work focused interviews as part of Pathways to Work. The first interview will be with a member of Jobcentre Plus staff.

      The next 5 interviews could either be with a personal adviser within Jobcentre Plus or with an adviser working for a charity or private company. This will depend on where you live in the country as the DWP have contracts with different agencies around the UK.

      The purpose of the work focused interview is to discuss with you the type of work you think you could manage or would like to get into, what barriers to getting back to work there are for you and how they could be overcome. Your personal adviser can look at different training courses you could go on. They may have links with employers in the area who are willing to make reasonable adjustments for someone with a mental health condition.

      They could help with CV writing and also advise you on any other financial benefits if you were to return to work. They can even put you forward for a condition management programme; however taking part in this is voluntary.

      After your work focused interview you should be provided with a written action plan detailing what was discussed in the interview.

      Being in the WRAG is not the same as being on Jobseeker’s Allowance. If you do not get a job whilst in the WRAG your benefit will not be stopped.

      If you do not attend or take part in the work focused interviews without good reason your benefit money could be reduced or stopped so it is important to attend or let your personal adviser know in advance if you are unable to make your appointment with them.
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      I am on the support ESA which is the other one. I think the work related one is about you showing a wilingness to do more with your day. I think you can go to some volunteering, which I do, and attend things to help you with getting back into work. Don't be too stressed, see it as an opportunity to attend all kinds of things to help you. xx
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      Quote Originally Posted by calypso View Post

      I am on the support ESA which is the other one. I think the work related one is about you showing a wilingness to do more with your day. I think you can go to some volunteering, which I do, and attend things to help you with getting back into work. Don't be too stressed, see it as an opportunity to attend all kinds of things to help you. xx

      Wow THIS is a fine thing for someone in the support group to say,I have also been put straight to WRAG. and I am not capable of attending interviews, I have gotten an appointment for an 'esa adviser interview' almost immediately, which I am in no position to attend.
      it has made me iller than I have been in a long time, and even less capable of being alone due to my physical prblems getting worse,
      which in turn has put me back in the house of my mother's second family who torment and abuse me,
      which in turn makes my health worse,
      their is NO silver lining to being in WRAG unless you actually want to find a job in the future,
      if you dont, well its an interview where they will apply slight pressure on you to prepare for some kind of work. which will ruin your health even more,

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      I was in the WRAG & went to a couple of sessions which were pretty pointless IMO. I had been self-employed so did technically have a job, just not one I was well enough to do at that point. I found it quite patronising but just tried to treat it as another hoop I had to jump through. In the end we ended up emigrating so they told me not to bother coming any more. Good luck.
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      my friend did this and described it as rollinat does, a pointless hoop jumping exercise which makes a private agency money but doesnt get many people back in work. however, its prob worth going along with both so you keep your benefits and just in case there is something useful in it for you. If you feel too ill to attend tho maybe you could talk to someone about that.

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      Hi. I got mine work programme today. Feeling sick already, I have to get a taxi to the city which is a lot of money, they should pay for this! No idea how im getting back, think bus will be hard to go on and train.

      The jobcentre one didn't last long. Only more scared cos it so far away from home

      How long does this last? I was told at job centre that they will be a bit mean and ask you hard questions like really get you to prove your anxiety and why it affects you from working,
      Can't just say I panic as everyone does.

      Im so gonna be drugged up on diazepam, i'll try not to panic when there as be embarrassing.

      I am not looking for work while I have g a d, I have a job that I wanna go back to when I am better,

      My mum has to go everywhere with me, she can't keep cancelling her work just to go appointments as she don't get paid for not working,
      This stress has made me worse, sets my acid off bad and ive been in so much pain the last week
      Thinkk I just wanna die right now

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      Default Wraged

      I got that dreaded brown envelope last saturday telling me that I was moving ontoWRAG--ages after sending in the ESA form in. I got int touch with the CAB to make an oppointment with a legal advisor to appeal and get onto the support group, but this evening--the night before my appointment with the CAB which was for 1:30, I got a call from the CAb by a woman worker there who claims she is knowledgeable about benefits, and she recommened i DON'T appeal ATOS's benefits because doing so could jeapordise all my benefits! I told her I had Agrophobia, and she just said 'is there any one can go with you'. Well I cant put my elderly mum through it, and because of my isolation I have no friends. So it looks like I have no support to appeal it---------------------she claims that its not like the JSA and the interviews are very spaced out (if you get me lol). So I allowed her to cancel the appointment. This after worrying and collecting ifno all day in preparation.
      She said it is VERY rare for people to get in the support groups---------------presumably one must be dribbling incoherently in a corner with both arms and legs in slings!!?
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