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    Thread: Obsessive calorie counting (can't stop)

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      I can't pick up a piece of food or eat it without knowing the calories. Even if it's something healthy fruit, salad or a cordial drink it doesn't matter what it is. I even measure the amount I'm going to have. For years I've never eaten something un-healthy and just enjoyed it. I always feel guilty and obsess over the calories and workout how much exercise will work it off.

      I'm not anorexic or overweight but when I have something un-healthy or anything with too many calories it's like I failed because I feel like I need to loose weight. I haven't really asked for help because I'm just a normal weight but it's driving me mad. I even know the calories in food when I go to a restaurant. Not just food but drinks. I will have just over a 1000 calories a day.

      Does anyone else have this problem?

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      Hiya Goldie, welcome to the forums.

      Do you have any other obsessive habits, or just this?
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      Hi goldie i to am obsessed with calories. It makes life very restricting do you find that?
      I long to be free to eat what i want when i want. But i fear if i was left to my own devices i would not
      be able to stop eating. Like you i am average weight for my height. I believe for me it's about control
      as i don't seem to have any control over any other areas of my life. I always want to be thinner
      putting on weight sends me into an utter panic.Sorry you have this problem too.
      take care
      p.s. meant to say welcome to forum goldie.

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      to the forum. Have you thought about speaking to your gp about this? If you have any questions just pm me or another forum buddy ok.

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