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    Thread: Brain-Modifying Drugs

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      Default Brain-Modifying Drugs

      What if there was a drug that didn't just affect the levels of chemicals in your brain, it turned off genes in your brain? That possibility - either exciting or sinister depending on how you look at it - could be remarkably close, according to a a report just out from a Spanish group
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      Currently available drugs are shotguns and sledgehammers. These approaches could provide sniper rifles and scalpels. But whether it will prove to be safe remains to be seen. I certainly wouldn't want to be first one to snort this particular drug.
      Er....sniper rifles and scalpels. Are we back in the realms of lobotomy?
      Problem is that they guy who write this is probably not in the position where he has to think about doing this to himself in order to live anything approaching an acceptable quality of life. We poor sods do!!!!!!
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