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      It’s quiet among the scribes here at Beyond Meds. I thought I’d share a collection of work about recovery from psychosis. This is a tab that is always at the top of the home page on Beyond Meds and has many links to many recovery stories. I’ve cut and pasted it to share with daily readers today.

      There is also a recovery stories page for those who have not dealt with extreme states that get labeled psychotic. For these other stories go here.

      Whether you choose to see psychosis or other extreme states of consciousness as healing crisis of the psyche or you consider it spiritual emergency, many people find their way through them without meds or with meds only for a short time or intermittently as needed for relief. This is something that is not widely appreciated or understood. If given the right supports and a safe place most people can heal from such situations.

      To see documentation of a program that gets these sorts of results in an entire area of Finland see here. They’re seeing an 85 to 90% recovery rate (with very little or NO medication) in a population that in the US is told they will never recover at all! (and are then given copious amounts of body, mind and soul killing drugs.)

      This is a collection of stories of people who have come through such episodes generally getting labeled either schizophrenic or bipolar. The label isn’t so important I’ve found and there is lots of crossover between anything that gets labeled psychotic.

      These are the stories of people’s journey’s through their dark nights of the soul sometimes lasting months, other times lasting years, but all ending fully recovered.

      In addition these stories involve freedom from drugs/medications. Most everyone on these pages were told they would need drugs for the rest of their lives and proved psychiatry sorely wrong.

      There are more recovery stories here that are not specific to psychosis, but to other forms of mental distress that get labeled bipolar or depressed etc.

      This list is by no means exhaustive.


      Books to help understand the process our minds go through while in extreme states:

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