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    Thread: Have you noticed psychic abilities since you became Schizophrenic?

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      Default Have you noticed psychic abilities since you became Schizophrenic?

      A little about myself before the topic

      I've lived with this for 2 years so far and it took me one year before I even got medical help because I didnt know what to do. The hospital thinks I may have gotten this from being given a spiked drink, but im not sure.The first year was also hard for me and I was baker acted four times. I was nuts. I was even lost on the beach for 5 days where I lived in the park there.My parents reported me as missing to the police and my mother went all over town passing out flyers. I thought my family was all dead and I had the topic of bombs in my head. My mind was all warped and made me think I was in Iran. Another incident I had was when I went to the police station telling them that president obama wants me to go into the electric chair. They all looked at me like I was nuts and took me to the hospital.I also felt like the government put a chip in my head and was giving me instructions on what to do. I've been taking risperidon which I stopped recently. The med makes me way too tired and since Ive been off it I notice I get very low voices, but not too many. Its manageable now. I used to have loud voices calling me cuss words and I was paranoid some and then started getting suicidal thoughts. Also I had odd religious thoughts about jesus being an alien and how I needed to die so my soul could travel to other universes. Well Im doing better now, but I dont want to take meds.

      Back to the topic.

      Anyone think this makes you a little psychic. Some things that happened to me

      1. In my head when I was nuts I had a vision that the police went to a night club I used to go to and that the people there knew about my dog. This happened when I was missing. Well turns out the police did go to that nightclub and they had a picture of me with my dog in it. I had no idea they went there until someone told me afterwards.

      2. Another incident which is why this sickness is so screwy. My voices had been making fun of me by saying I live with my mommy and daddy. Im in my mid 30s so what. Anyway after this started I went to the emergency room with my mother and the doctor was there saying I was there with my mommy. I went nuts after hearing him say that.

      I think it does make you psychic some. Anyone have similar experiences?
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      Thanks for writing that i know it was difficult and hope you get some support.


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      I am not diagnosed schizophrenic but I have noticed in states you could categorize as psychotic, I do get "psychically" inclined...

      like i'll hear someone "say" something, but they didn't say it, and then ill ask them why they said it, and they always say they were thinking it, it's kind of weird.

      I walked by a schizophrenic in the hospital once and he started randomly blurting out what thoughts I had in my mind.

      I believe maybe, the brain of a schizophrenic is in over drive and picking up on so much information at one time, it's just hard to decipher delusions from psychic insight. make sense?

      and and... pet peeve, this person asked for similiar experiences not "support" why could you not have commented on it and gave an opinion, that's what this thread was about... no offense im just saying. things like that eerk me i sware!

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      I have been psychic all of my life and there are many witnesses to the this fact. At age 33 I became schizoprhenic. I believe that people who expereince psychosis are going through a psychic\spiritual\emotional\psyche emergency. I will give you examples of my psychic ability....

      At age 11, I was walking up from a beach with a friend and I began thinking about what to do next, I formualted the the sentence I was going to say verbally in my mind, before I was ever able to verbalize it my friend responded to my thoughts verbally. We were both special education students (supposedly learning disabled) and we had many instances of this issue through out our time as kids.

      That friend of mines father was a science teacher and skeptic. He suspected something was going on with me, that there was something different. He gave me a test for psychic ability (precognition, telepathy, and clarevoyance) I scored off the board on almost all of the tests except for telekenisis (moving objects with my mind).

      Just as a side not before I continue I was severely abused by both my peers and adults for most of my childhood, for really no apparent reason other the fact that I was different. I was analyzed by psychologists and told that I think to much and should be on medication. I did not start taking it until the age of 33.

      Skip ahead a few years to when I was 26 I was married and having problems with my wife. We were fighting all of the time and she acted as if she did not want to be married to me, so I asked her to move out and stay with a friend until she came to conclusion what she wanted. We had been married for 6 months. While she was away I had a dream, of her being with anohter guy and in the dream I new the other guys name. I woke up with a strong impulse to go and search her car and that I would find evidence. I found home made videos and watched them, in one of the moives she made she said the name I heard in the dream when she was videoing the guy, it was the very same guy in the dream and the very same name. At which point it all became clear to me, the whole affair. I confronted them both and confirmed this They had been in a secret affrair since the first month of our marriage. This devasted me, it was the last straw of abuse. I began drinking, smoking, and even smoked pot for a short time (I believe these things lead to the disorder).

      Skip ahead to just before 2000. I was experiencing emotional and mental problems at this point. I began having an obssession about a dark man coming onto the world stage. I began ranting about this man in chat rooms. That year George Bush was APPOINTED president and I was put into a psych hospital for switching between two lanes of the freeway repeatedly, I did it as a form of protest (although I had no political affiliation) I just knew that something horrible was going to happen.

      During a falied move to portland Oregon I had a vision of a middle eastern man who looked earily similar to osama bin ladin (although at the time I had no idea who Osama Bin Ladin was). I had a conversation with the man, he told me that he knew me and something else I would rather not discuss. Things got worse and worse for me mentally I became carless and homeless and lost days for stretch of time. I was hospitalized and returned to california.

      Finally on the morning of September 11, 2001 I had a vivid dream of two brothers wresting in the desert, and I began to wake from this dream, As I awoke I heard for the first time in my life a clear disembodied voice screaming over and over agian in my mind, "EMERGENCY EMERGENCY" I instinctively got up and turned on the television in time to see the second plane hit the second tower at WTC. I knew at that point that the world would never be the same.

      I became fully psychotic in 2002 and my psychic abilities went through the roof. It wouild take far to long to explain everythijng. Some of what I experience was defintely the disorder but most of it was a part of my underlying condtion.

      In decemeber of last year I had my second psychosis in 8 years. I had many precognitive experiences during that time that I am still trying to sort out. One was about freedom spreading and revolutions. I made comments in yahoo chat about it before the middle east began revolting. I also experienced tremors in my body that made me feel like an huge earth quake was happening. This happened twice. I bought the game Fallout on a wimb (the game is about a nuclear post apocalypitic waste land and one of the characters in the game are called nightkin who are schizophrenic mutated humanoids who are in a retreat in the mountains trying to adapt to their disorder which was caused by taking a chemical that causes them to be invisible and paranoid [I am not promoting that view of us, it is just interesting]). Soon afterward I had the quake again all over my body a day before the quake in Japan, I had a strong desire to announce a huge earth quake was about to happen but I am wary and careful about making predictions. I had nightmares the ngiht before the quake. I am not the only one that has experienced this, many schizophrenics report the same kind of impressions.

      Schizophrenia\psychosis, is closely linked to psychic ability . It is not like it is depicted in the media. It is not something that most people have control over. I believe that all people have the ability it is just stronger in people like us. Some schizophrenics claim not to believe in psychic connection or parallels with their so called symptoms.

      I am on medcation to control my suffering from the disorder part of the condition. Sorry if this post is to long, I just wanted to beat the point home and erase any doubt about yourself from your mind.

      I suggest you start a journal, begin journalling your impressions, thoughts, and the strange dreams you have and things that seem out of the ordinary. You willl be able to use this journal as a way not only to track the disorder and what is going on with that, but you will also be able to sort out the stuff that is truely psychic and get a better grasp of your abilities. You willl have better control of your ability and also know when you may experience more suffering and utilize medication diffrerently. Do not doubt yourself, you are special as we all are, be a force of light.
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      Thanks sepsis gave thanks for this post.

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      I hope you're feeling better now hunny It must have been horrible...
      Did you ever serve in the forces? Do you think that could have been why you thought you were in Iran?
      When I'm manic I'm also abit 'psychically' inclined... We were watching midsomer murders on the telly - the brand new one that has never been aired, and I knew exactly what was going to happen, and how people were going to die, it freaked my family out loads! I do that with quite a few TV programmes that have never been aired, people just think I've looked it up on the net or something... I can also do the whole 'I know what you're thinking' thing... It's quite funny. But again it's only when I'm really hyped. My 'psychic' abilities also come into my dreams. I had a dream that I knew all the lottery numbers once... entered the wrong one and didn't win a penny! But if I'd entered the right one I would have won 40,000!! That happened again so I entered all the lotteries possible, but got the numbers the wrong way round (6 and 9) and the magic number was wrong, I'd put it on the main thingy, so I only won a tenner But still... Hoping I have another dream like that soon, so I can pay attention!
      And I had a dream that my best friend was pregnant, told her to do a pregnancy test and low and behold she was preggers
      Another strange thing that's happened is when I was very young. I was waving goodbye to my dad through the window and as he drove round the corner I said to my mum "Daddy's gonna die today" obviously she was pretty freaked! But thought I was just being a twat. Later that day she got a phone call from the hospital near my dads work to say he'd been involved in a serious car crash... He didn't die, but my parents have never forgotten that.
      I reckon that mental illness opens your mind. When we're 'normal' we only use what 30% of our brain? We only have peripheral vision, but you can never see the things in the corner of your eyes, the things hiding in the light. I reckon when we're ill, or psychotic our brain opens up, takes in things that 'normal' people don't see. There have been plenty of massively clever people in the past, how do we know they weren't ill? That's what I think anyway. It's the only way I can explain what happens to me.
      Hope you're better now madman
      "You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing you think you cannot do." Eleanor Roosevelt

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      I was never in the military, unless you count teaming up with a bunch picked on kids to take down a bully in elementary school (lol). I abhore violence and anything to do with blood shed.

      As far as gambling goes, for some reason my abilities to predict (at this point) are not as good as they used to be. The stuff I deal with since becoming an adult is usually something very close to me or things that are global in nature and far reaching. Since child hood my ability to predict what cards people hold in a game of poker has dropped of steadily. I have not developed that talent and I am not really interested in doing so. I kind of believe in karma and it seems to me using my abilities to enrich myself would probably be a bad thing. I do however play a virtual stock market game (it works off of the real markets) and I have increased my net worth in virtual dollars by hundreds of thousands. I virtually invested in google and apple prior to their entrance into the mobile phone market.

      I am still a madman, just getting better at managing my anger.
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      I can sorta read cards but its sorta random and yet it isnt. I too believe in karma so i dont gamble.

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      I think the paranormal things we may experience are just connections to other realms. I believe these experiences to be a natural part of evolution although I truly consider it to be more of a reconnecting to ancient instincts that mankind has lost touch with upon the advent of the industrial revolution and even much earlier where mankind has ventured away from his basic instincts. Just imagine what natural or lost instincts man must have in view of other creatures like the spider for example and birds as well in their natural given abilities to build whatever homes or traps they do with engineering capabilities not taught to them but only passed on as instincts. So what are Mans natural given instincts. Do you think we have an ability to create new and improved ways of doing things out of all that is discovered by us hear on Earth while some of us seem to be more in touch with those unchanging instincts that Mankind in general is becoming less aware of and therefore less in touch with. Some folks will say we have even invented God but I say we are just like Him in our desire to create.
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      I have had some strange 'psychic experiences' when unmedicated. Not so much now - but before definitely. Example:

      I was at the pharmarcy waiting for my drugs - 15 mins had passed. Suddenly I got up picked up some pill reminders and went to the counter. As soon as I got there, they called my name. It was bizarre.
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      i have many instances of synchronicity since becoming ill... does that count?

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