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    Thread: How common is imagining being someone else?

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      Default How common is imagining being someone else?

      I tend to do it mostly in the quiet moments before sleep when your mind wonders. It's not necessarily about being someone well known, although occasionally it is, it's usually about being someone who I imagine to be more successful and popular than I am. Is it common to fantasise like this?

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      I did this all the time as a kid as a coping mechanism and I still do it when I want to escape from my own life, whether or not its normal I don't know
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      I did that all the time during my darkest moments. Imagining that you are in the same situation as a novel character and how you can overcome your problems the same way they did does wonders. It doesn't help if you're unemployed though.

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      When I felt small, or un-important, I Would try to, " If Only I was like So and so, It'd be So much better " x x I Think it's normal, To try and over-come Weaknesses, In Pretending, I'm some-one Tough, For a While x x I Did it lots, When I was younger, As I've Grown older I've started to be more just like my-self, To-day I rarely Do it, At 40, I Know I have to be my Own man, And, I Accept it x xx
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