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    Thread: Is my girlfriend a narcissist/sociopath?

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      Default Is my girlfriend a narcissist/sociopath?

      I've been dating my girlfriend for over a year. Here are my suspicions of sociopathy or maybe narcissism?

      -Has very few friends - only 1 close friend before she met me
      -Withholds affection when angry, and gives silent treatment
      -Stands by her statement that shes's not better than everyone but "better than most"
      -Asks me often to tell her why I love her. Seems to crave much more sexual activity from me than for me.
      -Sometimes wants calculated breaks. No texting/calling for the rest of the night, or for the next day.
      -Says the best way to get revenge is to make the other person feel guilty. Sometimes makes me feel guilty when things aren't my fault.
      -Definitely likes to be in charge of projects and a leader. Can get cocky with it.
      -All of her stories usually consist of her being the hero or how she really helped someone.
      -In public she'll embarrass me very often but it's just "teasing" and "joking" to her.
      -Seems to ignore when I'm speaking, but when I tell her, she almost forcefully listens to me, looking sympathetic towards my story.

      But with all of this, she's a brutally honest person, and I've seen her cry in private, and often she'll cry over me with happy tears when we haven't seen each other in a while. Talks about how her heart flutters and I feel like I can see real love in her eyes, and true happiness everytime she says I love you. Does NOT hold grudges. No drinking drugs or unlawful behavior. Very polite and loving to strangers, not rude. Extremely close with her family and loves cuddling and intimacy.

      I'm confused. Help. I just need to hear others' thoughts.

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      Do you think she has any concerns about your mental health?
      Thanks Jbb79 gave thanks for this post.

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      Quote Originally Posted by exyz View Post
      Do you think she has any concerns about your mental health?
      I don't think that would be relevant. No. I'm just a curious analytic person.
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      She's not a sociopath, then she would be abusive, probably physically . . She might be selfish, and callous . . Try Giving her some-thing nice, see if she likes it, It could work <3 <3
      I Want to Know you -- Tell me, The Bad stuff -- Let's talk About It --

      But remember, To Share the good things, Little Love--letters, Moments of -- Peace <3 <3<3

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