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    Thread: I think I really am a terrible person

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      Yes I can possibly see he could be a narcissist and although it could be an explanation I do think that narcissism can be addressed by people if they truly wish to do this.

      I have recently been on the receiving end of abusive behaviour by a woman who is close friends with a male friend of mine. I have never had any fallout with her but she enjoys manipulating people - its clear to all she manipulates my friend ie he never had girlfriend and she reacts like a girlfriend to him but she always says to him that's not the case and even though this poor guy never had a girlfriend she does make him feel small by almost dominating him but having her fun elsewhere.

      I never had much to do with her but because in her eyes probably I am a rival for her attention of my friend - she can be very demeaning and when I say hello she deliberately blanks me which is awful to deal with - I have to admit I did react angrily on one occasion but it is very difficult not to when another is simply being really not nice.

      She blanks a lot of people but pretends to be saintly and innocent.

      Theres no doubt she got narcisstic pd in my eyes.

      But this guy because she shows him attention of a sort - any words against her - he disregards others and he lost quite a few friends because of her and its deliberate manipulation on her part.

      It sounds like this guy is on the same page as this woman I know.

      So yes remember its more about his issues rather than the issues he is deliberately attempting to have you believe you have.

      I probably can understand the scenario you going through as have been experiencing a not so nice but very similar in some respects "scenario" myself.

      You will be ok - am sure - its not your issue though and hope you can see that now.

      I am really pleased if my words have helped you.
      "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you gonna get."

      The philosopher that is the mighty Forrest Gump.

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      He sounds narcissistic hun. Us BPDs can attract them. He's doing the typical blame thing by turning it on you because he's not getting his own way. To be honest get him out your life before he makes u feel worse about yourself. You are not to blame. X

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