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    Thread: anyone been addicted to xanax?

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      Default anyone been addicted to xanax?

      ive been taking 0.5mg twice a day(sometimes more on the weekend) for the past few months, i know its not a huge amount but when i dont have it i start to feel really paranoid and shaky. has anyone tapered off it ? i take other stuff aswell and feel ill when im sober im sick of it

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      Hi there. I was addicted to a tranquilizer and the only way to stop it is very gradually.

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      I had a dear friend addicted to Xanax. She would revert to a childlike state whenever she took it (playing pranks and giggling like a child). Sadly polydrug use took her life after she was able to shake the Xanax. It cost her a lot of friends and supports, as her childlike ways meant she copped a ban from the support service aimed at helping her.
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