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    Thread: Prejudice & Favouritism In the MH System

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      Default Prejudice & Favouritism In the MH System

      This is something that's still a huge issue for me.

      Many times I've heard staff talk about Patients who have Bi-Polar like they are extremely special (even when they've done terrible things).

      Bi-Polar's will always deny it but they get the best deal by far in the MH System.
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      Began with a diagnosis of schizophrenia and that lasted for years and years and years. Then a few years it got changed to bi-polar. Can't be them, as service cuts mean I've only a minimum of contact with services - but my self-esteem as improved. The press stopped using the moniker of mad-axeman for schizophrenia sometime ago, might even the parity of esteem with time. What's in a name?

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      I don't really think mental health services really help anyone regardless of diagnosis. Yes some people perhaps due to postcode, face fitting, diagnosis may get more input and attention from mental health workers,but does it really help them? I have experienced care in the community and inpatient treatment, and going by my experience and the experience of others with all sorts of diagnosis including bipolar ,no one seems to really improve to the extent they resume their former level of functioning. It seems to be all about management and patching people up.

      People with PD's seemingly get the worst treatment,ie being ignored but that can be blessing, as 'support' seems to be about drugging people up and shutting them up in the community anyway,I wouldn't want to take the drugs people with bipolar are prescribed. Therapy is short term for most and very conditional.
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      I think there is some truth in favouritism or hierarchy depending on what condition you have.

      PD's (especially BPD) are the lowest, there really isn't any treatment plan to get them better - just management. Once you've been diagnosed with BPD you're pretty much thrown on the scrapheap if what therapy they give fails. You're told to ''take responsibility for your own actions'' then bye bye. Unless you seriously self harm then you are placed into long-term hospital specifically for people with PD's, these are privately run units that are only concerned about profit, we have a unit in my town and it has a bad reputation, staffed mainly by bank staff and a lot of abuse.
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