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    Thread: Is going to therapy/becoming a psychologist even worth it or helpful?

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      Default Is going to therapy/becoming a psychologist even worth it or helpful?


      So a bit of background info I have generalised anxiety disorder and specific phobia diagnoses and my GP thinks I may have some OCD and disrupted eating issues as well.

      Firstly I have seen 3 psychologists that are paid and I have seen a therapist at a free service run by the government, however, I haven't really found any of them useful and I feel discouraged because I'm beginning to think therapy isn't actually helpful and a waste of time and money. My GP thinks that I need to go see an experienced clinical psychologist who specialised in CBT and anxiety related issues because I have more than one main problem and my case is complex but I can't afford that so I'm stuck with the free service atm.

      I just wondered if anyone has actually found therapy helpful for serious mental illness and actually thinks its worth it?

      I'm especially discouraged as I'm currently in uni studying to become a clinical psychologist, however because of these doubts and other things I have been reevaluating my career goals and am planning to apply for medical school and become a neurologist in the next few years, but I really care about mental health however because of my own experience with therapy I don't know if I want to be a psychologist anymore if its useless because I want to use my skills and time to significantly improve or help peoples quality of life and health.

      What do you guys think?

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      Either you just haven't found the right therapist (which does happen, and can take years to find one suited to you and your illness), or perhaps subconsciously you've not been taking on board what they have been suggesting and offering you.

      I was in therapy for 6 years, and there were times where I'd wonder why I wasn't improving; but when I dug deep down and thought about it, I realised that it was because I wasn't taking on board what my psychologist was saying sometimes. Sometimes consciously, because I'm stubborn and sometimes didn't initially agree with something they'd suggest, but other times it was subconsciously and took me awhile to catch onto that.

      Maybe reevaluate what you specifically want from your psychologist(s), and whether or not you genuinely want to follow their advice. Ultimately, all they can do is explain things to you, offer support, advice, encouragement, etc, but they can't put any of that into action for you - that is all up to you to do. Good luck.

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