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    Thread: How can i stop constant cleaning?

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      Default How can i stop constant cleaning?


      I feel like if im explaining my situation, it will be easier to answer or get a little bit of insight, what i feel most of the time when i get these waves to clean or sanitize.

      When my mother died i had to live with my alcholic aunt and my stepfather - they started being in a relationship -, i started being really anxious, in time i wasn't even able to get to school everyday, because i was feeling anxious, on edge, that i couldn't leave the apartment, my therapy for social anxiety has broke.

      This was almost 4 years ago. Now i live with my grandmother and grandfather. Now i got to the point that i really rarely can get out of our apartment, almost wasn't out for 6 months, not even to taking out the trash. For the last 6 months i was getting these waves - especially when we have guests and thos guest especially my so said recovered alcoholic aunt and her daughter who was also living with us at the time -, after they left, i start to sanitize everything they have touched or their clothes touched, with sanitizing wipes. Toilet seat, door knobs, light switches, im throwing everything in the laundry if they touched it with their clothing, and i can't concentrate anything else until i can't get the thing clean. I don't leave my room in the same clothes that im in my room, i can't sit on the furniture that they sat on i rather stand when the situation calls for a choice sitting or standing. I feel the need to shower when i come into contact with anything their touch, touch of clothes or something. After i do these things i can start to calm down. I come even to the point that i don't like people in my room, who where in the same room or touched those people while they're were here, and the are not changed their clothes. I can't even hug my grandma because i know that if i do, im gonna get the need to shower and clean again, and i can't overcome on this.

      Because i can't leave my house, i don't know how to get help and i also i really don't like the idea of medication because i tried it once and i was not myself anymore. Sleepy, negative, silent, loose interest with things that interest me, couldn't concentrate, couldn't smile, nausea etc.

      I just want to know if someone has/had the same shoes on, as me and if they were/are how the recovered from it, how they coped with it or coping with it?
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      Hi Minalo,

      I start cleaning when my anxiety is really bad. I can't keep pacing around my room or house so I decide to clean and I feel better. I keep cleaning until it tires me out. I haven't left my neighborhood in about a year. I walk around my neighborhood nearly everyday for exercise. I am currently taking mirtazapine (remeron) because it's the only medication that didn't give me nausea or anxiety. It made me super hungry, drowsy, and gain weight. Those side effects decreased over time. I was happy for the weight gain though. I was very underweight! Since mirtazapine did nothing for my anxiety or depression, I asked my doctor for a second medication. I tried a couple and they were all bad experiences! Lexapro was probably the worst. After that, I couldn't leave my house... til this day.

      Since you said you can't leave the house, have you looked into virtual consult with a doctor? There's Amwell, MDLive, HealthTap, TelaDoc, Doctors on Demand, etc.

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      I can't use these sites, methods because im not living in the US, but i have thought about homeopathic methods like aromatherapy and such, but im starting to use this thing that psychologists use. The tactics like cleaning one less object or surface every week and such. I hope this will work because i really don't want myself dull with drugs. Im also trying herbs and writing daily, like a diary, to clear my head. Im just starting to think that i never gonna get better, so at this point im pretty desperate.

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