I investigate each cooperation that I have with individuals and quite often discover something humiliating that I did. Or on the other hand something I may have unintentionally done to annoy the individual. At that point the considerations rehash in my mind again and again and they accompany a truly humiliated inclination. It's difficult for me to get up in the first part of the day since I realize I will have the contemplations again and I'm tired of misery. At times I accomplish something more humiliating than expected and it remains in my mind for quite a long time. That is the thing that happened as of late and Ive been fixating on something that occurred over multi month back. I don't this intentionally. I need the musings to leave. Does anybody have any counsel? Are there any tips or deceives you utilize or know about that can help with this? Either something to make the contemplations trouble me less or something to get them going less