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      Hello, I was actually a member of this forum about 5 years ago, but I was quite mad then and can't remember my username or details at all, which is probably just as well as I don't want to read what I might have written, and I left in a fit of paranoia. I wanted to mention that to be honest, I hope it isn't against the rules to have a new account. I found this a supportive forum so thought I'd come back as I tackle some issues again.

      I don't feel mad at all now, but memories from my past and the feelings and habits associated with them can hold me back. I feel steady enough to deal with these gently now, but don't have much support network to talk about it with. I mean, I have a great husband, but these are sensitive matters and he has his own things to worry about. I feel some aspects of my journey are personal, at least while I work on it for a while. I have other friends who understand but they are far away. So I thought it would be nice to join here and maybe talk about things if they come up, and talk to others if it seems helpful. Also, it might help me recognise if things do get a bit much.

      Personally I prefer to have nothing to do with psychiatry or the NHS, which is an approach with downsides. However, it is worth it to me.

      Since I left here and recovered from that bout of madness, I resumed my degree and graduated with a first. I worked for a while, and now I am doing a masters, and applying for a PhD. Life is good overall. But never straightforward. I enjoy my studies. They give me philosophical tools and perspective to deal with my own life, as well as to think about the wider world.

      Hug unspoken-words hugged this poster.

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      Hiya and back to the forum. If you can remember your old account then we could close it for you. But don't worry otherwise.
      A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor

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      back Jemima.
      Mental Health Assessment = .. we will get back to you next week on that one . sorry what was your name again ?

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      Hi Jemima,

      Welcome back!x

      Much love <3

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      Hi Jemima, welcome back to the forum!

      I've found everyone to be incredibly supportive, and hope you have happy times here.
      Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eyes.
      ~Flora Vincenzi

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      Welcome back to MHF
      Take care

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