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      Hey my name is Sarah only got this but seems that it helps a lot of people ... I don’t know ? i always feel numb like I not sad or happy I just feel nothing , have absolutely no motivation in my life in all aspects from washing or bettering my self .... I just feel flat all the time and I have very little emotions towards people recently lost my grandad and I felt nothing ... hearing tragic stories about people I know I genuinely don’t care ?*♀️ sounds heartless I know .. but don’t know why or what to do

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      Hiya and to the forum. No-one can diagnose you on a forum but I would suggest you look up the symptoms of depression and see what you think. What you describe is often seen this way. it could be something else of course so don't go by this as gospel. Have you seen your doctor over these feelings? It might be an idea to run it passed him and see what he says.

      Look around the forum and dive into any area you think is appropriate for your needs.
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