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    Thread: I know you aren't doctors but I need advice

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      Default I know you aren't doctors but I need advice

      I have bpd, but I suspect to have bipolar II as well because I have had episodes I have never experienced to these past weeks that include euphoria and depression. I mean I can be euphoric where I'll talk, I'll have ideas, I will not be able to sit without moving all around the apartment, and moments where I have depression, I wish I was dead I'm tired and life seems too hard for me. Can you guys help? Have I bipolar II?
      My psychiatrist doesn't care about me so she doesn't answer to my questions and I can't reach for another one because I live in a small city, so there aren't many psychiatrists..
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      I was diagnosed BPD before I was told I also have Bipolar II, so I feel you. But the best thing you can do is find another doctor; if you're bipolar, you need (most likely) medication.
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