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      Does anyone know any coping mechanisms for obsessive thoughts and feeling shame? I feel like everyone thinks I知 weird and is laughing at me. I have specific memories play in my head over and over and they come with a really embarrassed feeling. It has gotten a lot worse lately. I really want the thoughts to leave me alone. Every day i don稚 want to wake up because I知 going to have another day of suffering. I also sleep during the day to escape. Does anyone know how to make this stop? Either to make the thoughts happen less or make them not bother me as much? I have no money to see a therapist and everyone else that I ask for advice says they can稚 help me. I知 so desperate for someone to help me

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      Hiya. I don't have a magic wand or I would get rid of my obsessive thoughts too. I did do a lot of Mindfulness (by a fully trained person which is important) which helps me get them under control. It might be an idea to read up on it and see if it can help you.
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