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      Hi all.

      I have a current situation where I am hearing two distinct voices. I believe this started happening due to two very unexpected life situations. The voices relate to the situation which happened. I am currently going through face to face psychiatric help which is hopefully going to help. As for medication I am currently using Sertraline 150mg and a low dose of Quetiapine morning and night. The sertraline has recenlty been upgraded to 150 but the Quetiapine has stayed at a low dose (100mg night, 50mg morning)...The doctor wasn't keen to increase the Questiapine dosage currently...though initially the fact it stopped my mind from racing was helpful..this seemed to stop working but I am unsure if its a tolerance issue or what.

      I'm sure the solution is probably going to be to start to accept the voices as part of me and try to find a way of having them not freak me out so that I can get on with life. Or is the idea to find medication to eventually stop the voices? I'd obviously like to stop the voices and as long as I am not completely inebriated from meds then I'd be willing to go that route. I wouldn't go down the route of illicit drugs or alcohol...Though I have done that in the past and even though it helped at the time it is not a long term solution as I'm sure you all know.

      Would be great to hear of anyone else who has had a similar issue and if they continue to hear the voices?

      Many thanks
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      I rely on meds (Aripiprazole) to control my voices. Not everyone is happy with meds being the sole means and it doesn't work for everyone. I was on Quetiapine but it over sedated me and left me feeling life was pointless if I was that lethargic. I was on a higher dose than you though.

      I still hear the vioces occasionally, whispering around the house, occasionally making comments when I'm in shops etc, but otherwise nothing particularly nowadays and its all manageable. I understand that its common to keep the voices but they are less intrusive. Is that how it is for you?
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      Apart f rom my Abilify (sorry Calypso, I have the oriignal format brand now, the generic and from different and in particular a company, gave me very acute upset tums, I am very much happier, via the oriignal Abilify type) I also listen to musicals/music, to keep my voices down and at bay.

      Also, I workout in fitness dvds, to them, and attend zumba classes, all being well.

      Personally, I always ignore voices when they do occurr, if I attempt to evulate, I know I'll deteriorate worse a bit more, so I prefer to ignore, that is the best policy, and this is where music swings in.

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      Hi. Thank you for sharing your situation. Yeah my initial thinking was the medication should be increased to see if it stops the voices or at least lessens the intensity of them. I do know that when my anxiety level is lower then they are not as bad. I also listen to music alot and that definitely helps.
      I want to be pro-active in tackling the situation. My councilor is keen to look into incorporating the voices into my life so that they are not as intrusive for me. Though I feel the doctor should really think about increasing the anti-psychotic medication as the anti-depressant doesn't really make a difference to the voices where as I do remember the quetiapine quieting the voices before bed ...It almost had the same effect a sleeping pill would have on someone with insomnia.
      Does anyone have any thoughts on talking to the doctor about increasing the quetiapine or even starting abilify? Thanks
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