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    Thread: Help.... I need your advice!

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      Hey everyone,this is my second thread. If you read my last one you know that I have bad anxiety and I stuck in an emotional abusive relationship. This week I have been extremely stressed and anxious, I am a college student and this week are my finals, I also have a job and it's been really hard to focus. My anxiety has been to the roof, I have trouble sleeping at night. I live on my own and it's hard to be alone while feeling so anxious. I decided to text my boyfriend, he has a full time job and he is usually busy during the week. I felt so desperate, so scared and anxious, I told him about how I am feeling and I asked him if I go over his place so I am not alone... well his responds was that he is too busy and I am selfish for asking him for help.. Hearing that just made my anxiety and my brain goes crazy.. I just asked him a simple thing.. I just didn't want to be alone and now I just feel much much worse, my anxiety is taking over my entire body.. what should I do? Is it okay that he choose himself instead of choosing me? Is it okay that he just doesn't want to spend time with me just because he is busy?
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      He should want to spend time with you, I'm sorry your feeling anxious.
      Getting out of this relationship might help your recovery.
      Take care
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      Stay in the relationship, take him for every penny, sell any of his belongings on eBay, steal any cash from his wallet, that sort of stuff, refuse to have sex with him.

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