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      I recently initiated a relationship with a woman of 16 (I'm 18) in South Carolina. She was raised in South Korea and moved here a couple years ago (originally to Colorado) due to her mother and father divorcing because her father was alcoholic and abusive. I've met her mother and she seems un-supportive, negligent, and can be mildly abusive as well. According to the rankings of the states with regards to the effectiveness of support in the mental health institutions, South Carolina ranks poorly at 41. I don't know if that's a significant factor in her anguish, although it might be. There have been no indications of her being disconnected from me, and our relationship when we're together is outstandingly fulfilling. She's a schizophrenic and experiences an overwhelming amount of anxiety and incapacitating paranoia at times that I've witnessed and it's difficult to bear as her boyfriend.

      She takes anti-psychotics, and she needs to answer a series of questions from a psychiatrist for her to receive her anti-psychotic pills that are very essential for her functionality. If she answers the questions wrong, then she needs to essentially be confined to the mental institutional facility for a considerable amount of time. With regards to the aforementioned, she sometimes takes months off of work due to severe dysfunction because of her mental illness. Physically, she's 4'11 and weighs 130 pounds, which is technically over-weight, but according to her doctor it's actually a healthy weight for her and the vast majority of weight is distributed above and below her stomach (considering the characteristic proportions of a woman, you can imagine the appearance quite easily) due to her highly physically-requiring job of contortion and gymnastics in general.

      According to research, schizophrenic women die 14 years younger than the average female, or an average age of death at the age of approximately 68 years, which is concerning already, although there are more concerning details following that I will divulge. She has attempted suicide approximately 12 times, and she's almost died in essentially every one. She's attempted to over-dose on pills several times, had an entire half of her body incapacitated due to an almost-successful suicide attempt for which she needed to take many months of physical therapy, and the other times were due to significant amounts of blood loss. She needed to be resuscitated from a state of not having a heart rate multiple times as well. She's spent months in various hospitals and has been transferred numerous times to accommodate for her. Occasionally, she still self harms in a potentially dangerous way because of her delusions and the voices that she incessantly hears and that torments her.

      Additionally, she's a vegetarian and I suspect that she suffers from a B12 deficiency because of her walking resembling a suppressed stagger, which indicates lack of coordination (ironic considering her occupation). Statistically, 2/3rd's of vegetarians are inhibited by this to some extent, and I'd presume that the non-affected 1/3'rd don't take B12 supplements. This could also cause cognitive inhibitions as well. She has a deficit with acknowledging the implications of a situation frequently, so I need to frequently remind of her of the details that were recently detailed to her. In other words, I need to divide the messages that I convey into relatively small parts for her to comprehend them (English isn't her native language but her knowledge of the language is superior to most Americans). All of my friends have recommended that I end the relationship because of how mentally unstable she is. The reason as to why I haven't yet is because I love her to an ineffable extent, and she does as well.. simply put. Perhaps it'd be for the better, but I love her enough to commit my life to her and supporting her as much as I can, but I would like some advice myself.

      To conclude this, she's in an extreme amount of anguish incessantly, and it's difficult to bear as her lover. I know that the people who are here probably aren't qualified to give me an accurate estimate of her longevity, but I would very much like one because I fear that it is much less than that of the average. Also, it would be much appreciated if any schizophrenics could respond to give advice on the basis of their experiences.
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      The fact that she has made so many close suicide attempts does not bode well to her longevity. I am hoping that all these attempts were made before she met you. Now that she has your support maybe this will no longer be a problem? I wish you both well and hope the best for your futures together.

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      Not supposed to talk about it but no, not since we met. Changing the topic, I don't think that her longevity is good either, but I don't know if there's anything that I can do to alleviate her pain due to her clinical affliction.

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