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    Thread: Voices in head trying to control me?

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      Default Voices in head trying to control me?

      I've had auditory hallucinations for years, I've seen a doctor and everything. Today I had (and might still be having) an episode of voices, dissociation, and depressed mood. It's happened because I'm struggling with eating disorder issues, which has put stress on me physically and mentally. Today it felt like these voices were trying to take control of my body. They were very aggressive and mean, insulting me, and trying to get my hand to slap me.

      I think this has happened before, but I guess I never questioned it until now. What is up with these voices trying to control me?

      Thanks a bunch <3

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      I am sorry you are struggling so much at the moment. Do you have a good relationship with your doc? Can you ask for a meds review? I don't believe meds are the only way to go but they are part of an arsenal of things to help us cope with this. What has helped in the past if anything?
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      Hi MozHat.

      Please forgive me if this is patronising. In my experience, there are two factors in effect, emotions and literal information. I don't think the two are the same thing and You absolutely need to concern yourself with emotional balance not what they say or try to do. Obviously everybody is different, but the idea that your emotions are a direct consequence to what the voices are saying isn't true, if you're happy, what they say can mean fuck all, if you're depressed it can crush a person. Depression is the only emotion you need to concern yourself with.

      And you don't need to fight depression with anything related to your voices, you don't rely on them being nice to mitigate emotional depression. Depression is the same problem as somebody without psychotic voices.

      Your solution will be personal, you will know hopefully what gives you comfort or relief.

      Also, another pertinent point, emotional balance is perpetually in flux, it is transient, and you transitioned in to a bad place, that means it isn't a permanent constant.

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