Hello, Good morning it is Sunday and I wish you all well.
I enjoy reading on a daily basis other peoples experiences and often while browsing the MH forums i here this particular word expressed by fellow mental health sufferers, that word is "VALIDATED" or "VALIDATION" and the need by that individual to feel validated or that they express their extreme desire to have a "LABEL" for their particular mental health condition.
From my point of view validation is just a stick on valueless label created by so called heath care professionals and I have never wanted to be "validated", I am myself stuck in my own mind and nothing is helping me apart from maximum dosage anti-depressants.
Therapy never did anything for me in the past and even though I still have therapy sessions for depression and PTSD it means nothing to me , the voices in my head are so strong that they let nobody into my mind, the voices block any attempt by people to gain access to my inner self. If you have ever seen the film "The Matrix" then you can gain an insight into my mind and my fruitless hopes at gaining wellbeing. I am that "Neo" character that can see through the walls of our corrupt and brainwashed society, suicide is always an option for me now but i am still not ready for that yet until I find out more about who is programming our lives and controlling the mass population through the use of modern day smart phones .x.