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    Thread: going to hospital, what to expect?

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      Quote Originally Posted by Shellypee86 View Post
      Hi, hope your ok.
      Iíve been admitted twice in the past 6 months . Itís daunting at the beginning as everyone is in for different issues which is hard.
      I couldnít deal with everyone sharing their problems with me as I was in for my own problems therefore listening to everyone else made me feel worse.

      One thing I will advise is take a notepad and pen and write your feelings/experience down. I did this and gave it to the doctor every week when I seen him as I was unable to express my emotions and thoughts to him at the start.

      Hope things are ok for you

      thanks shelly, thats a good idea to keep some paper and a pen to note down my feelings
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      Good luck I have been in a few times but not related to suicidal things so not sure how useful my thoughts would be as they tend to revolve around negotiating the places when in states of "psychosis" ... here are a few general ones tho

      Don't let anyone in your room, people will nick the most random of things when psychotic, mostly not intending to be nasty, sometimes just attributing some sort of meaning to one of your trainers....if you invite someone to your room and that person is ill they may see that as an invite to turn up outside your door at anytime that pleases them, best just keep your room to you

      if you smoke, try to only take one/two cigarette out at a time (if smoking area is communal) as if you are anything like me you will end up giving away all yours to people in there w/out cigs, if you don't smoke... you will by the end of it !

      If your room is near a toilet/shower room then try not to leave anything by your door as people love blocking up toilets / flooding things in mental hospitals leading to water coming under your door...

      P.s if you say you are Vegan/vegetarian you tend to get better pre-packaged usually Indian meals !

      Keep your head down, as ego reducing as it is to avoid eye contact with people trying to stare you out, it's better to avoid confrontation, you will most likely be with the same'ish group of people for a good amount of time, there is more often than not, one or two "bully's" in there who will stop at nothing to get a rise out of you, just go to your room or ignore them...if you start fighting with people it will just prolong your stay / increase the chance of involuntary most cases people new to the sectioning experience will be like you, anxious/curious about being in hospital... the ones who cause trouble are usually seasoned patients who spend most their lives on the shitty as it sounds, the staff will show preference to these patients in most cases as they know that in the long run, you will probably be there very briefly and keeping the nuisance patients on side for when you have gone is useful!

      Good luck again

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      Reading your post was like how it was when I was in.
      Someone pulled all my clothes out the drawers and scattered them all over the room.
      I was in a fight with one of the Ďlong termí patients ( was their fault) yet I got the blame of it because I answered back so I totally get what you say about avoiding confrontation.

      Hope your keeping well


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      Sorry to hear that Shelly, they are not nice places :-/

      I'm keeping okay thank you, still hold a lot of resent towards circumstamces/people (myself included) that lead towards my hospitalisations but that's not much use !

      Hope your keeping well yourself

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