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    Thread: Starting a thread to stop self harming

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      Default Starting a thread to stop self harming

      Hi all, I hope you all well today x I have been struggling on and off with self harm for the last 20+ years. It has effected almost my entire adult life and left my relationship very battered.
      Tonight I self harmed again and think it is almost the last straw for my partner. We were due to go out Saturday as a couple (we hardly ever do this, not once in the last 2 years due to my problems) and I had to tell him I don't think I can go because of earlier.
      I've tried many times to stop for good but I think I really need to now otherwise I'm not sure of our future.
      I've decided to not a little note on here for 2 weeks to help keep myself motivated, 3 days is a miracle for me at the moment. If anyone else thinks it might help them too please feel free x

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      hello and to the forum. I self harmed for years and have stopped now. its addictive as you know, but it doesn't actually deal with the underlying problem does it? But I do understand.

      My thoughts are with you and I hope you can feel safer soon.
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      I knew a woman who self harmed all her life. I've lost touch with her now. But I noticed she had a work book for self harm and it was very helpful to her. She wrote in the book every day. I wish I'd seen the book first hand to read some of the pages. If you look for such a thing, I'm sure you'd find it.

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