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      Hi all
      First time at doing this but i don't know where to turn, for the last two years my daughter has been running away, self harming, at first it was because she wasn't in touch with her dad, but we sorted this and after CAMHS appointments, social services etc she seemed to turn a corner last year, come the start of this year it all started again for no apparant reason (obviously there is but trying to find out why is where we are at).

      She self harms herself at least once a month (sometimes more) although she has stopped running away, and this week she disclosed to one of her teachers at school that she thinks she was raped in April, now i know she is sexually active and we've had discussions and apart from locking her in her room ( which obviously i cant) i cannot i am at a loss to what to do, we have tried everything but its now affecting everyone in the family, both my husband (step dad) and i have both work full time and i am constantly having to leave work to deal with the things that are happening/appointments.

      Does anyone have any ideas how to get through to my daughter, we've tried all the ones CAMHS suggested and she is a bright 14 year old, wants to go in the army when she is older and is an army cadet which she enjoys but everyday is a struggle at the moment with trying to get her to go to school, tidy her room etc.

      I just want to be able to help my daughter deal with everything, so any help would be appreciated.
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      Welcome to the forum
      I'm so sorry about your daughter, you could try the following link it has a parent helpline and great info on the site. Child & Adolescent Mental Health - YoungMinds
      Has she had any therapy?
      A child psychologist would also help.
      Does she have any friends?
      Take care
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      Yes shes been in and out of CAMHS, presently they are re assessing her and her last appointment is next week, we've also taken her to a private Psychologist but that had to stop once she was under CAMHS.

      She has a handful of close friends (some a bit older than her)

      I asked her why she hadn't said anything to anyone once id been told and she said she was scared, just keeps saying sorry, I've reassured her that shes not the one in the wrong and lots of cuddles.

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