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    Thread: WHat I hate about the holidays

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      Default WHat I hate about the holidays

      First some positives. I love my family and luckily there isn't much drama. However,

      I hate winter, snow, and early sunsets.
      I hate how holiday music starts three months early. I didn't know Christmas was in October now.
      Media has bunched all the holidays together. Black friday and thanksgiving are now basically the same as Christmas. They are even trying to jam Halloween into the same category mix.
      Hearing the same 7 holiday songs over and over again.
      Being forced to attend awkward family gatherings, having to say the same things to 75 people, while pretending like everything in life is A OK when its really in shambles.
      When everyone gets 10+ presents but nobody remembered to get you anything. Or you're sitting there awkwardly with one small gift while everyone else is opening piles of gifts. This happens all the time.
      I have a birthday a week before Christmas so people say, ah well you'll get your birthday presents on christmas, or vise versa.

      Sorry to sound like a spoiled kid, but I've learned to hate the holidays more nd more each year. Can't wait for January.
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      I love summer holidays with fireworks, barbecues, parades, outdoor events, warm weather and everyone's happy. I just don't like the winter holidays. Sorry if you do its just that media and bad memories ruined it for me.
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      I hate the super early push of Christmas.
      I don't like cold weather at all.
      I don't participate in the consumer driven holidays, I send cards.
      I love the Thanksgiving meal but my guy and I make it for ourselves, we don't join with anyone else. We are flexible, we prepare it on the day we choose. We didn't do it today. probably Sunday.
      I dislike the short days, this dark has me sleepy practically all the time.
      But, thanksgiving is still my favorite holiday..the way to my heart is through my stomach lol
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