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    Thread: Trying not to throw two years down the drain

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      Default Trying not to throw two years down the drain

      Ive been clean for two years this time. I started harming when i was 12 and didnt try to stop until i was 16. It was off and on after that but it was never really that serious until my first major relapse.
      Since then every time i fall back into the pit its harder to climb back out. Im 23 now and ive been really good, but im buried in 6 feet of stress again and all i want is to harm. Im afraid i wont be able to stop this time or it will go too far. I have so many reasons not to, yet i cant shake these urges. It seems like no matter how long i go without it the urges never go away. The biggest issue is i dont remember why i even bother fighting it anymore. What do i do?

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      Justkeepbreathing, to the Forum. I'm no expert, but I think you originally wanted to be free of self harm because you know it's not a compassionate way to relate to your own self. I knew a woman who did self harm since she was quite young like you. She bought a self harm workbook with questions in it that she had to answer. This workbook helped her a lot. I would think that there are a lot of useful books on the subject. I hope you'll look into this idea so you can continue to fight back.

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