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    Thread: Father has delusional disorder + other issues

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      Default Father has delusional disorder + other issues

      Hello all,

      I will try to keep this short and as to the point as possible... basically my father is struggling from a number of different mental health issues (I am not a doctors or specialist, so I may be wrong with the 'disorders' here but from all the reading I have done, it all sounds quite textbook.

      - Delusion Disorder: for a decade now he has had many obsessions against neighbours doctors and police that have resulted in him trying to a). get a restraining order out against a neighbour because he truly believes this person is hacking into their TV, phone etc. b). sue doctors and the NHS because he believes he has multiple serious health issues that they are 'covering up') and c). sue the police because he believe they follow him even when in other countries (if a helicopter goes over head, he thinks it is following him).

      I'm pretty sure he has Borderline Personality Disorder too, and potentially low Emotional EQ but I'll not go into those here.

      Basically, I do not know how to help. He is SO convinced by all of this I can't even ask a question that remotely hints at there being another explanation for the things he believes are happening, he gets VERY angry and accuses us of not believing him.

      Has anybody else gone through this, and how did you get them help if they can't admit there's anything wrong? It's affect the quality of his life but also everyone around him.

      Thanks a lot in advance
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      to the Forum. It's so hard and sad when a family member is delusional. And if he doesn't want to seek professional help, there isn't much you can do. He's in his own world and you can't really change him. You can't even make good contact. It's hard to accept. And unless he starts running around the neighborhood with a gun, you can't really get the police involved.

      The only thing you can do is provide for your own sanity; not to spend too much time with him and his delusions. Do the basics and then leave.

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      Yo, can't say much on that but are you sure that he is not "doped" on any level? Otherwise it's totally impossible to say is he BLD.

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      My psychiatrist thinks I now might have delusional disorder, it's very rare.
      I didn't have any insight into my illness, my Drs got mental health involved as I was emailing them lots.
      They sectioned me under the mental health act, I'm doing much better now.
      You could go to your dads dr and explain your concerns.
      Good luck.

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