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    Thread: Obsessive note taking ocd?

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      Default Obsessive note taking ocd?

      I always thought my mum's note taking was to help her remeber things, but its gradually got worse and more obsessive over the years.

      She writes notes for things as simple as shopping lists, bills, peoples names, conversations, numbers, conversations good /bad, things that have upset her and many others but you get the idea.

      It seems that she can't function without and causes alot of anxiety to constantly keep up with herself. She spends most of her days consumed in making these notes and they are everywhere on every table, on the fridge and sticks them all over walls and most recently has started writing on walls or her mattress. Most of them are barely legible and are rewritten and put up again.

      Just for some background she's 52 , generally fit and healthy. She's suffered depression almost all of her life, and there was a tragedy in her family when she was 13 which I dont believe she has ever recovered from. She was recently diagnosed with ptsd and behavioural disorder I think both linked to this event. She's been to many therapies over the years and still goes but she still struggles with day to day life. Shes been unable to work and having a social life is particularly difficult for her too.

      It breaks my heart I want her to be happy and the best for her. We seem to go round in circles with docs and diagnosis, but want to check every possibility. I'm not even sure if its OCD.

      If anyone knows of something similar or any advice it would be greatly appreciated.

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      Jomino, to the Forum. Seeing therapists sounds like the right thing to do. I'm sorry your mother is not well.

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