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    Thread: Did something weird and gross.

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      Default Did something weird and gross.


      I often feel the need to confess everything to my girlfriend. And if i don't do it, the anxiety kicks in. Yesterday I did something weird and feel like I should tell her. I was in the bedroom and saw a hair clump in the bed. I was going to throw it away, but when I picked it up, I thought for a split of a second "what if this is my friends hair"(I had a friend over on saturday for some beers) and without thinking I smelled it, and straight after I got freaked out. I've been thinking since why I did that. I know my gf would never cheat and trust her 100%. I now feel she needs to know this, because of I did a gross thing, and thought to myself what if this or that happened. I have confessed unnecessary things to her before and she either said it was nothing, or did not need to know that. I know OCD works in a weird way. But this one I can't see if it's unnecessary or now.

      Could use some tips on what to do here?
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      Really it wasn't weird, you were just curious.
      I don't think you need to tell your girlfriend.
      Sorry you have OCD.
      Take care

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      just to echo what mayflower said no need to mention it and these things happen believe it or not
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      Thanks for helpful answers!

      Have a good day!

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