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    Thread: I was kidnapped

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      I'm sorry for what you have been through and that you're having problems finding the help you need.It's important to receive help asap after a traumatic event in order to prevent PTSD from developing.

      Is it possible to talk to the judge,lawyers or whoever involved in the court case in order to receive some sort of help,counseling of some sort at the least?Or if you can afford it,maybe even online therapy?It seems there must be some kind of help available to a crime victim.There is where I live so I guess I assumed it's availlable most places.

      Have you tried contacting every agency where you live,ask them where you can get help?Are things bad enough where you feel a short hospital stay may be helpful?

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      Default I was kidnapped

      yea I've contacted all of them and I'd have thought one of them could but nope all the agencies that I can talk to have all told me they arent qualified or cant help me it's kinda weird I could probably get more help if I commit a crime
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