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    Thread: Try to help my daughter

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      Hi, my situation is Schizophrenia, but my medication is Olanzapine.

      The main thing you need to keep in mind about antipsychotic medication is it doesn't permanently cure anything.

      The point is literally it makes your moment to moment existence better.

      Viewed like this, if you feel better without it, there is no point.

      Now that said, it can help some people, but if it doesn't help your daughter don't be bullied in to being told that this is your only option.

      That is absolutely not the case. And it's an arrogant perspective from a field that doesn't really understand to the point where they can correct.

      I would google the fuck out of everything. And probably you daughter will hopefully evolve to a more comfortable place.

      If her condition is new, then there is always a process of discovery about what does and doesn't work in all facets of life, medication being one.

      Good luck.

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