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    Thread: Wearing Gloves in Public?

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      Default Wearing Gloves in Public?

      There are certain places (such as the pharmacy) where I would feel much better wearing medical gloves. When I do this, people of course look at me strange, and even worse I find that they seem frightened by me. I can relate as when I see someone wearing a mask I assume they're sick.

      My question is: Can any of you think of any excuses that wouldn't seem so weird when someone asks me why I'm wearing gloves?

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      Just make something up.
      I'd say phalanges gage which basically means finger bones glove.
      So someone comes up and asks why are you wearing gloves you say it's phalanges gage.
      If they ask what it is just say it's hard to explain.
      I tell people I'm allergic to blue so I must wear a long sleeve t shirt to work under the work shirt which is blue.

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      Default Thats not Problem to wear gloves in publiuc.

      it isnormal budyy

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