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    Thread: Feeling After Eating?

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      Default Feeling After Eating?

      Wondering if anyone else has ever felt like there is a rock in their stomach or something after eating? If so do you know anything I could do to reduce this effect?

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      ah hello and welcome Sealion just a random question(S) do you eat a lot of meat? and do you eat a lot of convenience meals?
      Boldy going forwards as i couldn't find reverse..

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      ye thats me everytime i have something to throw to my mouth (kinda???)

      just think the bolus s not gonna make you hurt and anything you can do will reduce the possibilities of feel that 'rock' because its all psycological so lets command yourself to start thinking about it and you know feeding yourself is never negative.

      Instead of that i know the worldwide lately trend about telling you that there certain foods that will make your body feel bad, exhausted, fat or even unhealthy but came on give you a break girl, you deserve happiness and that asignements just a false friend to your brain.

      stay safe, sent from another struggled with ed partner

      lol this is my first post hello mom

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      ye that is me everytime I have something to toss to my mouth (kinda???)

      simply think the bolus s not going to make you hurt and anything you can do will lessen the conceivable outcomes of feel that 'stone' since its everything psycological so lets order yourself to begin considering it and you know nourishing yourself is never negative.

      Rather than that I realize the worldwide of late pattern about disclosing to you that there specific nourishments that will make your body feel awful, depleted, fat or even undesirable however went ahead offer you a reprieve young lady, you merit joy and that asignements only a false companion to your cerebrum.

      remain sheltered, sent from another battled with ed accomplice

      lol this is my first post hi mother

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      If someone is not feeling satisfied after eating this may create problems for you. At some instant this is okay but if you eat more after eating substantial amount of food you may experience binge eating episodes.

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